ASHLEY DAY — Versatile Freelance & Agency Designer
Ashley Day

This is my own personal brand concept.This project began with needing a new logo that I felt truly reflected myself and my style as an artist and designer. After I created the logo I wanted to challenge myself to go further and create a full identity.


Creating the logo and experimenting with different styles and patterns led me to experimenting with logo use on business cards and flyers. The colors I achieved from gradient mapping inspired the color adjustments I made in the mockups I used, as well as the vector shapes I created. The shapes were pulled and edited from the hand-drawn logo itself. From logo to business cards to flyers to T-shirts, I wanted the viewer to be pulled into my worldview and feel the sense of excitement and passion I view the world in.

A fun, bold brand identity that reflects the duality of my personality as an artist. The lettering of the hand-drawn logo has a punk-inspired feeling, and I felt this only represents one part of me. I also introduced bright colors, and verbage to reflect my insecurities (and subsequent motivation) as a designer, as well as my joy and excitement for life. I felt this idea—beauty in the mundane as well as the thrilling—was reflected in the juxtaposition between using a clean minimal font such as Helvetica, and a bold logo and colors.

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